Sunday, May 13, 2007

The BEST coat EVER !!!!!

Woo Hoo ! My beautiful new coat has FINALLY arrived, the ebay seller sent me a free necklace for it being late, which I thought was nice :) This is officially the best £50 I ever spent. Now I just have to work out when I can wear it.

^^^ The Front View, Im wearing my collar CUS ITS COOL lol

^^^ Side View to show the AMAZING Bustle :D

^^ And the view from the back, I just adore the corseting, Yay.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May Day Week End

Ok, this weekend was the May Bank Holiday so there was a plethora of markets to go to. We went to one in Denton and this is what I bought....

The scarf in the background which I LOVE, its really stretchy and cute, a trilby hat, a pair of court shoes for 20p and some orange and brown pumps :D yay


Which I have already turned into this...........

And this, which incidentally I wore to work today and already have 3 orders, I love making money :D lol

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My New Collar

OOOhhh, forgot to put this on, I got a new collar made or me by someone off ebay...i forget thier name, anyway, heres me looking hot with my new collar :)

Im also waiting for my new coat to arrive, this is he picture on the ebay listing

How gorgeous is that !?!? Hope it turns up soon and doesnt get 'lost in the post' like the last one (grrrr)

Custom Tank

WooHoo !! I finally finished something ! lol

I have a nasty habit of starting projects and either taking them apart or putting them in the loft part finished.

I made this custom tank using the pattern from

I used Olympus Double Knit Acrylic. I love how the boob shaping went :D