Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas has Landed !

Ok, as I predicted, christmas orders are now flooding in. My first order has been for stockings. 17 stockings !

Christmas really is going to be busy this year !

Saturday, November 10, 2007

DHL Dressing up

This was Valentines day (Im the boring one on the Right, lol)
This is my wall now, We decided to stick up pictures of the team looking daft. I LOVE IT !

Marisha getting ready for halloween

The end result !

Sara, my boss, on halloween (shes gonna kill me when she sees this lol)

Dani at halloween

Hmmm, not sure bout this

Relations dressed as pirates, sometimes my job is brill,left to right, Dani, Kristy, Allan, Louise, Kelly and me


Ok, just a bunch of the new artwork Ive done

Long Time no Blog

Wow, Havent blogged in months ! Life became a bit hectic, what with exams and actually having a social life for once ! lol
Anyway, not done much crafting recently, but Ive started on my christmas orders so should be doing a hect of alot more from now on! Ive been doing photography mainly so I thought I`d post some piccies ive done on here.

This is how the blanket it getting along, its about a third done.

This is a view of Sandy Harbour Sunrise NYS

Me and my Dad looking Daft on The Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls
Me at Niagara

Standing on the glass floor on top of the CN Tower, there a tiny X painted on the floor where you`d land lol

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I got bored, very bored at work. So I took some more piccies today.

Jane went on holiday to Spain and got back yesterday, I had jokingly said I love those straw donkeys, they apparently dont make many of them now but she bought me this instead !!

I called him Rico, dunno why lol. He so ickle and cute, he fits in the palm of my hand !

And also Ive included photos of my monitor decoration :) cus its cool lol, a little mean tho as you can see, Octo is used as a pin holder lol !

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cus Im bored

Just thought I`d post a couple of pictures of my office, cus im bored,

This is Herbie trapped on top of the clock, Simon is very very mean !
and this is the pictures on my wall, and my calendar. I fully intend on trying to fill this wall before I find a new job, just to see how many I can get on there before someone says something :D lol

A couple of shrugs

Just realised, I havent posted the shrug Im wearing in the hair falls post lol.

So here they are, the little pink one is a plain raglan shrug with a frilly bit round the edge, the purpley one is a crochet thingy :s lol

photos follow....

My first attempt at hair falls :s

Ok, Ive been wanting to try to make my own wool hair falls for ages and i finally got off my ass and did it. Theyre just made of plain acrylic WW yarn but I kinda like the effect. When I get a new job and some cash Im gonna get some decent yarn and make some proper ones :)

Anyway, photos follows....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jewellery Holder and a new Hat :)

Just a quick post to show off my latest FO`s,

firstly a jewellery holder as Im fed up of searching through boxes to find the other earring !
And my new hat, its made from a gorgeous mohair/poly mix yarn that i got in a mixed lot from ebay, its super soft. Ive made it into an oversized beret as thats the style that tends to suit my face :)

And heres a close up of the hat showing the rainbow colour pallette, very pretty :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

More Amigurumi Critters

My newst batch of amigurumi, all my own patterns of course, 4 tripod thingy's a shark thingy, the kitty thingy and the blob :), oh how i love them !!


Ive been on a bit of a photography binge :)
These are 2 photos of flowers in my mums garden, both taken on my K800i and edited in Photoshop, original first then edits

*I did take alot more than this but I couldnt see any point in floodling my blog with them