Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Car Boot Goodies

Ok, so this weekend I do what I usually do, I start off with good intentions to do my essay (I always seem to have an essay to do :( ) and ended up doing everything else instead.

This weekend I even took friday off work to have some extra time on it lol

I saw Tom instead :)
I know the pictures a bit fuzzy but I think he looks cute in my pimp hat :) lol

OK, onto the car bootay :D

First and foremost I bought this top, which I ADORE, not only because its the best top Ive ever seen but also because its a size 10 and I can fit in it !!! ( Im a size 16+ so stretchy size 10's do my confidence the world of good) his only cost me £1, Im not really sure if Im going to leave it as it is and brave the stretch/wait till I lose weight or if I modify it to fit with black/rainbow elstic down the sides.

Next up is this gorgeous jumper from Dorothy Perkins, Its super soft and only cost me £1.50 !, I love the side zipper too.

Then just a few t-shirts to fill space in my wardrobe...well if I had one, at this minute they are just filing space on my sofa, bed, kitchen table, conservatory etc etc lol

And finally this pretty black top with lace on, his was again £1.50, Ive taken a close up to show the detail, Major Bargain !

All these clothes items were bought in as new condition, I find it unbelieveable that just because someone else has been daft enough to buy something without trying it on I can get £18.50 off the price ! (I paid £20 for a new Dorothy Perkins Jumper) I did buy some other bits but they were just little plain vest tops and some non clothes items, I might start taking pictures of those as well but I cant be bothered at the minute.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ok, speedy return and my second post. I had a quick scan round my room to see what I could take photos of lol and found my carboot stash from this weekend. Im determined to convince people that carboots and charity shops are a great way to find affordable quality clothing. Well, in my case the only way I can actually afford to buy clothes as Im seriuosly skint.

BTW, all these were washed before I put them on, im not that much of a tramp lol

Ok, first one is my gorgeous ! new pink nightie, this only cost me 50p as someone had stood on it at the carboot with muddy feet and marked it ( oo, if it rains always ask for money off for water damage lol) The mark came out straight away hehe

Second one is a really pretty brown cami with sequins, I think Im gonna wear this one alot, this one was £1 from the same stall.

Aaaaannd heres a close up of the detail.

Im also currently crocheting a top which is part finished, I reckon its gonna look really good !

First Post

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm K, first post, what am I to say ? Pretty soon Im gonna start filling this blog with knitting, crochet, car boot finds and maybe some sewing, in fact, I already have a few things lined up to take photos of. I`ll get them on here as soon as anyway.

Natalie xx