Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, I`m having an induction on Sunday! Which means I`m going to be a mum next week!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting ready for christmas

I know, I cant believe it either! lol. Usually I`m not really a christmassy person, and dont really get excited until christmas eve if that. But this year, with Tsuki`s impending arrival I`m feeling more excited. My mum and dad decided to drive 200 miles on Sunday to come see me and David because I`d happened to mention that I`d really wanted to see them the other day. They`re just that awesome lol. Mum asked if I wanted her to buy Tsuki a stocking  or if I was going to make one, I hadnt even thought of it.

I decided to make one Smile

Another terrible phone cam pic but meh Smile with tongue out


Its so cute >.<

I think I`m going to trial making the hexagons with snowflake-ish designs on them, maybe put them in the shop? We`ll see how I go.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Wordle: Hushabye Mountain

I think I`m going to have to get this printed up for Tsuki`s room :)

So many things I want to do!

and I just dont have enough time for any of them! Although I have managed to complete mine and Tsuki`s hospital bags apart from the things that will need to be packed on the day, so thats one thing to tick off the list Smile

Also, my brand new business cards arrived! YAY. I`ve been itching to get some new ones for 6 months or more but made myself wait until I`d finished my old cards up lol.

Tallib Biz Card

Tallistreasures Biz Car

Pretty >.<


Im making a scarf out of teeny tiny circles, pictures soon Smile

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ideas for Tsuki’s nursery

(Tsuki being what we are calling the little one when she finally makes an appearance)


This is her name HUGE on the wall, it took soooo long to make lol

I`d really like to do a rug like this for her room too, it`d be so perfect but alas, theres no way I can afford yummy yarn like that right now :/

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shop is closed for custom orders, but I am still working!

Yep, its got to that point in pregnancy lol. Im now less than a month away from my due date ( 23 days to be exact! ) and Ive decided that I dont want the pressure of custom orders on my when Im going into labour!

But I am still working Open-mouthed smile Its actually been really nice to be able to make anything I want to. The pictures are TERRIBLE but heres what Ive got so far..



Ive also finished another pale pink triangle scarf with a fringe and a bobbly popcorn stitch cowl. As soon as I can be bothered I`ll take some decent photos and get them listed in the shop.

IMAG0231apart from this one, this ones for me Smile

Windows Live Writer

I was reading through some DIY posts on Tumblr and found this post about Windows Live Writer…Which I had installed on my laptop already!! and never even knew!

Im so clever sometimes it scares me lol.

It really is a nice way of writing blogs Smile


On another note, check out my HUGE pregnancy belly last week. SO EXCITED NOW lol.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Megaman Mania

Well, Ive been busy making some new items for the shop, and here they are! (In all thier glory)

Megaman X Helmet ($35)

Protoman Helmet ($35)

Mettool Helmet ($30)

I also got a chance to play with my new camera lens :) Its not quite what I was expecting, but its still awesome!

It was raining ALOT

So David demonstrated how much it was raining for me :) lol (His face doesnt normally look like that, the rain was very cold apparently)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


WHY is it so hot!? We were going so well, it had rained and been horrible almost every day of june so far and now the suns come out and ruined it all
*pouty face*
Also, because I so hot and uncomfortable, the little one has decided to do somersaults ALL day, making mummy feel rather queasy :/

So I figured I put up a few pictures of the new stuff in the shop :)

Megaman.EXE Helmet

Lagoon Wash Cloth Set

Grey Mug Cozy with Bobbles

And a jar full of lucky stars that I made today to decorate my window sill. I thinking I might see if I can get some smaller jars from the car boot and fill them with mini stars for the babies room :) <3

Tamron 28-200mm

While I was on honeymoon my camera lens broke :/ so taking photos for the shop has been difficult and I`ve been panicking that I wouldnt be able to take decent pictures of my bubba when it arrives.
FINALLY, I saved up enough pennies to buy a replacement lens. I was planning on just getting a bog standard 18-55mm canon kit lens but got distracted and ended up buying this:

A Tamron 28-200mm super zoom lens.

Fingers crossed its as epic as it looks! lol

New Etsy Banner

Well, I`m now 21 weeks pregnant! woooohooo! lol
We find out this week if its a boy or a girl, I`m so excited! So far, Ive been keeping up to date with the shop, adding LOADS of new items and a few new patterns :)

Ive also made myself a new banner

Hope you likey