Sunday, September 28, 2008

WE: When I listen to my heart.....

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Etsy Traders List

Ok, this is a little neurotic, but it bothers me that I have to keep going to the forums to find the most up to date traders list.

So I`m making my own ! (This list is taken from a forum post on Etsy)

If anyone would like to be removed from/added to the list please leave me a note in the comments.

I`ll try to keep this as up to date as possible !


PHOTOGRAPHY - also has paper goods – and notecards and art - and digital art/graphic design

SUPPLIES - fabric, beads, sewing patterns, zippers, paper, etc - beads, brass, paper, magnets, sewing supplies, premade banners Gorgeous Yarns !

JEWELRY/BEADS - Chainmaille - cute polymer clay jewelry! - Stained glass jewelry beaded jewelry – and hats – and cards - stained & fused glass, lampwork beads and handbags buttons bottlecap collage, wrapped rings, trinket boxes, earrings, FUN! SWAROVSKI crystal jewelry and pop can beads - Lampwork jewelry & bookmarks - jewellery, art, paper products, home accessories - jewelery, art, photography, and knits - handmade fabric covered button earrings, brooches and hairslides -Artistic Calligraphy, Aesthetic Jewelry & Bags - healing gemstone jewelry - baby, kid, mama and dad friendly -

CLOTHES --- cards, ect. - hats, gloves, brooches etc

BAGS: - bags and purses

HOME, fabrics—A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING! – Canvas totes, cards, wall art, a little bit of this and that! knitted accessories and jewelry, journals, pincushions, etc. fabrics -- quirky random stuff - Crochet and Paper Goods - stained & fused glass, lampwork beads - fabric, patterns, baby - inspired by nature & the elements bottle cap magnets, pincushions, hats and scarves - jewelry, art, Judaica & great gift ideas! - kids room decor & accessories – supplies, jewelry, kids items - embroidered luggage handle wraps ---crocheted, knitted and other items yarn - cloths, scarves, origami boxes, other cute crochet and paper items Pillow, home items and more! - Crochet Work - Needle Tatting

EScentualCreations - organic skin care - soaps


For the KIDS/BABY! - also for pets & childish adults - ages Birth to TEEN

BANNERS & PROMOs FREE avatar with banner. I always put avatars with my banners FREE avatar with banners.

PAPER baby gear, T-shirts, banners, banners and avatars -- pendants


Thursday, September 25, 2008


sale, wet
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Howdy Folks ^_^

I`m feeling in a Spring Cleany/Need the cash kinda mood so I`m having an enourmous Clearout Sale ! All of my banners are in the sale !

Most banners (and avatar) sets are now only $3!!!!! Yup, $3 ^_^

So, visit my Etsy Shop before everything is gone !!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I A.M S.O B.U.S.Y !


And yet I still find time to tell the world how busy I am ?

Yeah, busy is an understatment this weekend ! I`ve got a custom order for gloves (which I have still to buy the yarn for), another custom order for an entire Graphics Package for an online business. Then I`ve just finished 2 hats for my cousins. Need to do some washing. Painted the fences outside (with help from my auntie). Gave my grandma a driving lesson because I`m taking my car when we go on holiday and she wants to be able to drive it too (she hasn`t driven a manual in 15 was an expierience !!) Go food shopping. Package and post off a hat. Go to nana`s for sunday dinner. And somewhere in amongst that crap I`ve got to start my coursework for my degree (and write an essay before I go on holiday in a fortnight)! EEK. I don`t think I`m going to be able to sleep this weekend LOL

Ah well, I`d only moan if I was bored !

Friday, September 19, 2008

WE: What are you doing this fall (Autumn)?

Hmmm, Going on HOLIDAY ! woot !

If you`d like to join in with the Weekend Exposure then visit for the rules !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check out my new scarf miss's !

Oh how I love this scarf ! I want it for myself !! But I have 30 scarves and need to sell some stuff to pay for my new glasses (bleh)

So, anywho,

Pretty pictures !

Moss Green Beauty

Only $40, so why not take a look !?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I`ve got Glasses

Well, I went to the Opticians this afternoon about my twitch. I had my eye test which was very long, and very boring and then the guy said I needed glasses ! eek

They are just for VDU use at the minute but he did mention maybe using them when I`m watching tele (all the time then, lol) but I bet now I`ve got some I`ll end up having them forever !

The worst thing was the cost ! £25 for the eye test, £59 for the frames and £79 for the lenses ! Luckily I took my nana with me so I know owe her the money !

I`ll try and get a picture of them, they very pretty and they`re called 'shiny red' on the recipt ^_^

(It`s really weird typing and wearing them, I keep hitting the wrong keys !) lol

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Botox !?

Ok, so I`ve had a twitch in my eye for about 3 weeks now and I finally gave up and went to the doctors ! (It was driving me absolutley crazy !)

Anyhoo, the doctor seemed quite interested at the position of my 'twitch' as it wasn`t where twitches usually are (aparently lol).

No he`s suggested going to the opticians to get my eyes checked in case I need glasses (my vision is pretty much perfect) and if I don`t then he said if it doesn`t stop the only real treatment is botox !

To paralyse the muscles that are making it twitch, the doc even joked that it`d be a bonus on 2 fronts, 1: my eye stops twitching and 2: I look younger.

My mum and dad however said I`d have one side of my face like snow white and the other like quazemodo ! (We have a strange sense of humour in our family) then we proceeded to make quazemodo noises down the phone to each other before I hung up lol ^_^

Who knew though, go to a doctor in Derby and twitch at them and you get free Botox ! (they`ll be a rush on !)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

POP My Cherry !

Woot ^_^ New Treasury !

Cherry inspired today, with a fun title lol

POP My Cherry ! Treasury

Featured Artists,
1: muyinmolly with TINY HOOKS CHERRY RED freshwater pearl sterling silver earrings
2: christystudio with FALL COLLECTION-belle tote in cherry red with brushed cotton
3: EarthArt with Original Painting - Cherry Blossoms and Birds on Tree Branch
4: arteest with Essence ORIGINAL 9X12
5: littlelids with Baby Cherry Hat
6: funkychicboutique with Cherry Blossom Beauty- Delicate Pink and Jet Black Necklace
7: DaliDecals with Large Cherry Blossoms - Flowers and Branches - Set of Three - Vinyl Wall Decals - Your Choice of Color
8: TexasTesla with Cherry Blossum Candy necklace
9: lauri with VINTAGE BLOSSOM- signed fine art photograph 5x7
10: sugarbeestudios with Lipstick Smudger- 440 Yards of WOOL Hand Dyed Sock Yarn -Politically Incorrect Yarns and Fibers by Sugarbeestudios
11: cipolla with glass berries... vintage bead earrings, cipolla accessories
12: BubblesUpByBethieB with Cherry Smash Delight Bar with REAL CHERRY YOGURT

1: janinekingdesigns with Padded LAPTOP TOTE BAG in Asian Cherry Blossom Teak -- ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL -- incl 17 inch widescreens
2: fantcastle with Little Bit Of Cherries Necklace
3: jochris12 with Cherries Galore... fused art glass pendant and earring set
4: glamarita with Glamarita ROCKABILLY FEVER Guitar Tank L

So, Why not pop over to Etsy and take a look ? Maybe add a comment and click on the wonderful items in the treasury !

Loves Ya xx

Friday, September 12, 2008

WE: What do you appreciate most about your home country ?

Had Enough
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I like this weeks question from B Chronicles ^_^

I know it`s a bit boring but I chose the NHS, because Im always ill and NEVER afford health-care if I had to pay for it ! lol

To find out more about the Weekend Exposure visit B Chronicles website and get involved !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Childrens Hats Now Available !

Ok, so theres only 1 so far, but there more on the way !

Swirly Earflap Hat

Hope you Like them !!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

OMG, where did that come from !?

I was browsing through the treasuries on Etsy (keeping an eye out for that elusive golden star) When lo-and-behold, there was a title box ! I panicing completly and put OMG as the title (grrrr, why won`t Etsy let us change the title!)

Anyhoo, I threw together this treasury which was inspired by a beautiful mustard yellow coat I bought today.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Testing the Ebay Waters

I`ve decided to try listing a hat on Ebay now that they`ve reduced thier listing fees slightly (although thier final value cut is 7.5% versus Etsy's 3.5%)

I`ve listed a Pink Chunky Bobbles Freeform Hat, why not take a look ! You may even get yourself a bargain as these are £15 in my Etsy store and I`ve started this one at £9.99 !!

OOAK Chunky Bobbles Freeform Crochet Beanie Hat in Pink

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Boy with Toy Gun

Boy with Toy Gun
Originally uploaded by framefive
This weeks WE from B Chronicles was 'What are you Daydreaming of?'

Heres my answer

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Phew, another one !? lol

Yes, thats right ladies and gentlemen, I have perserved and snatched myself another treasury ! I`ve chosen a pink and uplifting theme this time. Hope you like it ^_^

Frantic Lunacy Treasury

Featured Artists
1 Vannabeth with Hope-Fine Silver Tab Necklace
2 LadyOreo with Feel the Wind Print
3 spiffingjewelry with Singularity Necklace in Pink
4 dazeychic with BREAK THE ROUTINE (pink)
5 labpartners with San Francisco Letterpress Print
6 kbastin with 3 Peonies 8x8 Fine Art Photograph
7 msbelle with Blackened Roses - Rose Quartz Briolette and Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings
8 wearablesok with an apple a day........ little pink and turquiose felt brooch pin with pink apple button
9 thefunkyfelter with Fuzzy Bunny Pendant - a felted linen (vegan) white bunny with gift bag
10 PerlineDesign with Red Rooster fabric - Romance floral
11 gochemoche with Origami Good Luck Stars- Pink swirls on Pink
12 yumiyumi with The Cherry Berry Monster

Click, Comment and Enjoy !

Pounce inspired treasury

I happened across the treasury box today on Etsy completely by accident and then when I realised I`d got one I had a mini panic ! lol What the heck should I put in it ?!

Then I realised I was being daft and decided to go and hunt through Pounce for some beauties, and this was the result !

It`s Addictive Treasury

1 bubbletub with Banana Bread Soap
2 barbaralewis with Lake Victoria
3 sprinkles101 with Homemade White Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut Cookies 1 Dozen
4 decoupagebijoux with One-of-a-kind decoupage on wood bangle bracelet
5 AngeLfood with One Delicious Fudgy Chocolate Zucchini Cake
6 mercervernon with this old tree
7 SilverSpirals with copper shawl or hairpin
8 prettybags with gorgeous brown necklace...
9 gallerydarrow with Barn Swallow
10 BoondockG with Dragon's Blood - Handmade Olive Oil Soap
11 redsmith with Wire work braclet
12 lorenza33 with French rosary

Comment, Click and ENJOY !

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Swirly Earflap Hats

I`ve been trying to design some new hats recently and this is the first I`ve finished (theres more new designs to come)
Its the swirly earflap hat ! An easily customised and versatile hat which will be suitable for adults and children.

Piccies !

Heres the link to the Etsy Listing I`m charging $30 each.

Hope you like them !

Monday, September 01, 2008

A little more relaxed.

For some reason I`m in the zone today and feeling quite relaxed (which is odd as work hasn`t paid me and I have a million things to do !) but nevertheless I`ve waited and waited (and waited) and bagged myself another treasury ^_^


I love these subtle shades of grey, they`re so pretty and relaxing.

Featured Artists
1: knottwood with Industrial Necklace - Strom
2: sarahjanestudios with Waiting.
3: alittlegoodness with Elephants (Grey) - Japanese Fabric
4: lesperancetile with Small Dish
5: TheBroochBoutique with Grey crochet flower bobby pins
6: yorktownroad with pleated pillow - steel grey
7: BenandHenry with Spring Blossoms
8: cipolla with softest grey wool scarf .. dark tree
9: abitoffluff with Hammerhead Shark Keychain
10: StoneMe with Gunwale - Genuine Drilled Beach Stone Set - focal jewelry beads
11: stonedesign with starburst - oxidised sterling silver and labradorite tassel necklace
12: 20twenty with argyle v-neck bicycle shirt---size MEDIUM

1: jkldesign with fourth
2: mystudio with Handmade Vintage Japanese Kimono Clutch
3: PottersVision with Blue Lotion Dispenser 5
4: ThePendantFactory with Scrabble Tile Pendant - Leafy (FP048)

So feel free to pop over to etsy and take a look ! And make sure you click and comment ^_^, Have you heard of it ?

I was in the Etsy forums the other day, mooching around in my usual fashion when I came across a thread (which I`ve lost the link to) about the UK`s 'Etsy' I decided to investigate and I was pleasntly surprised. Admittedly it`s in beta testing stage at the moment but I`ve decided that it can`t hurt to give it a try ^_^

Here the link to my shop:

Which I will be adding to soon !