Saturday, September 20, 2008

I A.M S.O B.U.S.Y !


And yet I still find time to tell the world how busy I am ?

Yeah, busy is an understatment this weekend ! I`ve got a custom order for gloves (which I have still to buy the yarn for), another custom order for an entire Graphics Package for an online business. Then I`ve just finished 2 hats for my cousins. Need to do some washing. Painted the fences outside (with help from my auntie). Gave my grandma a driving lesson because I`m taking my car when we go on holiday and she wants to be able to drive it too (she hasn`t driven a manual in 15 was an expierience !!) Go food shopping. Package and post off a hat. Go to nana`s for sunday dinner. And somewhere in amongst that crap I`ve got to start my coursework for my degree (and write an essay before I go on holiday in a fortnight)! EEK. I don`t think I`m going to be able to sleep this weekend LOL

Ah well, I`d only moan if I was bored !


Designing Hilary said...

Good Golly! It's only Saturday evening and you've done all that? Girl, give it up ... put it in a bottle and sell it on Etsy. You could retire next week!

Talli said...


I gave up ^_^