Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I`ve got Glasses

Well, I went to the Opticians this afternoon about my twitch. I had my eye test which was very long, and very boring and then the guy said I needed glasses ! eek

They are just for VDU use at the minute but he did mention maybe using them when I`m watching tele (all the time then, lol) but I bet now I`ve got some I`ll end up having them forever !

The worst thing was the cost ! £25 for the eye test, £59 for the frames and £79 for the lenses ! Luckily I took my nana with me so I know owe her the money !

I`ll try and get a picture of them, they very pretty and they`re called 'shiny red' on the recipt ^_^

(It`s really weird typing and wearing them, I keep hitting the wrong keys !) lol

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