Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back in the Groove

I finally stopped dossing about and grabbed myself a treasury !

I had kinda been avoiding it because of Etsy Admins recent spait of doing it themselves but I`ve got over it now because I love treasuries. :P

So here we go !

Sometimes... Treasury
25.04.09 Sometimes... (by tallybates)

Featured Artists
hotellemotelle - Danger Danger
ara133photography - One Tree - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph
luckalilly - Yellow and Teal Wishing Well
MonkoPhotography - Willow - 5x5 Fine Art Photograph Print
DropsOfLight - Tic Tac Bracelet. Vintage Glass and Oxidized Sterling Silver
underabluesky - into the light, a 5x5 print
lorijaclynsjewels - Mixed Company-blue bracelet
everydaymoments - Moment in the Sun - 8x8 Fine Art Photograph
Liebpiep - Corbie
BINAGEYER - Turquoise Silver Blossom Necklace
mincingmockingbird - In This Poignant Moment Of Finality, The Vibration Of Atoms Sounds Like Singing - 8 x 10 ART PRINT
beckyrose - Lemonade yellow jade, bead crochet bracelet

MaruMaru - Brass Owl Charm
dkjewels - Ocean mist earrings
littlecoastergnome - Happiness Coasters - Set of 4
pego - sweet pea wallet

So there we go, Go take a look and leave a comment for the loves ! xx

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Moogle Plush for Sale

Moogles are now available in my shop !!

Take a look HERE and you can get your own !


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Half Price Sale

Well, it`s that time of year when it`s out with the old and in with the new. So in the spirit of spring, I`m giving some of my older items a little nudge with a


Don`t miss your chance as it won`t be around for long !

and don`t forget to keep your eye on the rest of my SHOP as I`ll be adding some new items soon :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Boots make me happy

Woot, here is the blog about my new boots, they are drool worthy !

I just thought I`d say that I went down to London for the day this week and work my gorgeous booties round Camden, very fun ^_^

Although now I need to find about £1000+ to pay for all the pretty things I want from Camden ;)......I knew going there with no money was a bad idea !!

Ah well, 110miles to go window shopping and get a blister, it`s all good xD

(D was very excite I wore the boots as it meant I also wore a skirt, bleh, legs :P)

Thursday, April 02, 2009


He`s not finished, he`s not the right colour, but I love him anyway !!

My fella's friends have been pestering me to make some more geeky related crochet plushies since the whole Moogle escaped ^_^
I was planning to do Cactuar next but I kinda fell in love with Tonberry and decided he should go first instead (I`ve now fallen for Vivi from FF9 so that`s prob next on the list lol)
Anyhoo, this little guy is my pattern tester so he isn`t quite the right colours and I haven`t finished the ends off yet but I now have the pattern down so I`ll be able to make him properly next time !

Tonberry (by tallybates)
Tonberry (by tallybates)
Tonberry (by tallybates)