Saturday, November 29, 2008


Angry tiger???
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This is how the internet makes me feel !!!

Specifically when it isn`t working, which it hasn`t been, for over a week !! And now I`ve been told to wait another 5 days while they investigate the problem that they should have investigated the fist time I rang them !
It`s like trying to get blood out of a stone !!

And then it got worse today, I`ve got an essay due in on Tuesday whiich for some reason I haven`t started yet and couldn`t do today because I have a cold, so I sat twiddling my thumbs for most of the day and writing up pattern (they will be available soon ^_^) then, just THEN as my favourite programme was about to start we had a POWER CUT GRRRRRRRRRR

I hate derby, I hate the UK and I hate the internet.
(btw I`m at my aunties on the PC, this isn`t the power of my mind typing lol)

Oh well, it`s got to get better at some point eh ? ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rose Tinted

Oh how nice it is to take a break from hats !

These adorable little brooches take FOREVER to make ! but they`re worth it ^_^

Each available in my shop for only $8.

Visit My Shop

Front Page !

TeeHee !

I got the Front Page ^_^ (Does the happy on the front page dance !) Even got an admin commenting it :D

Small Pleasures eh ? lol

Etsy Front Page 11/20/08 tallib (by Etsy Front Pagers)

I <3 the EtsyFrontPagers group !

Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 Treasuries !

I`ve been feeling poorly today so I decided to spend my time stalking the treasuries. And it paid off ! I managed to snag 2 treasuries ^_^

Maneater Treasury

1: SteamPunk Red Plaid Riding Hat detailed beaded trim and feathers
2: Red Shoes with Bows 8x10 Print by Linda Boucher
3: garter - in black and light blue with a periwinkle and red rose
4: SALE - Dark and Delicious - Silver Plated Hairpin Set
5: Hearts and Arrows Cupid TuTu Skirt Small FREE SHIPPING
6: Pants, Black with Lace and Ruffles, Super Sexy, Dance, Black Rock, Tribal, Bellydance, Goth, Exotic, Dance
7: Red Hot -- long Felt Cuff
8: The Pirates apron, skirt
9: Gothica Bridal Bouquet -BridalDreamTeam November Challange
10: Charm Bolero
11: Brothel
12: Immortal ..Red Garnet Swarovski cross lace choker

1: Tell Me More - Original Illustration
2: Pansy Silk Briefs with Frill detail at back
3: Blood red inverted teardrop and dagger earrings
4: Demon Skulls Red Spikey Dreads

Forget the World

1: Untitled - Original Mixed Media Painting by Kristina Laurendi Havens
2: Grey-Blue Marigold --everyday purse--
3: slate blue cotton top
4: This Goes With That Too ON SALE
5: Bumble the Yeti Faux Fur Guinea Pig Plushie Baby Size
6: Good Company - limited edition print
7: Bar None - Felt Slip Covered Snap Clip - Blues and Grays
8: In the cold light of day 7x10
9: Smoke on the Water (1) Necklace
10: Textile jewelry - dark grey brooch with blue and white square fabric FREE SHIPPING UNTIL NOV 22TH
11: The Token Bag in Vintage Blue/Grey 30022
12: On Cloud 9 from Look Up Series by Artdecadence

1: Shades of Grey Pearl Drop earrings
2: Raindrop Necklace Tee
3: Duck Egg Blue Vintage Vase Cover with Bubbles - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

Take a LOOK ! Maneater and Forget the World

Click, Comment and Buy ! ^_^

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Tams

Ok, so my yarn stash has started to take over most of my house so I decided it was time to branch out from plain acrylic, the result was these gorgeous and girly winter tams !

Delicate and Soft Winter Tam 1

Delicate and Soft Winter Tam 2

These are only $25 plus a free gift is included ! And if you add the code 'BlogFShip' in the notes to seller you`ll get FREE Shipping too ! How cool is that !?

Talli's Designs

Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Shipping from my Etsy Store !

Come on in and take a look ! and if you add the code "BlogFShip" in the notes to seller box you`ll get your shipping refunded ! How cool is that !?

Talli's Designs

Well, now I know

After years of this question burning in the back of my mind, now I know !

I could survive for 57 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

Created by Bunk

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching up on WE again.

I`m so lazy sometimes ! Having said that, I`ve been worrying about loosing my job (for good reason, as I lost it on friday) so some things haven`t been on the top of my list.


WE: In what ways are you simplifying your life?
Clean . (by Gísli Dúa)

WE: What are you proud of?
Determination (by Smiles Are Free)
My Determination

WE: What have you let fall by the wayside?
Some of the Salisbury Flickr Group (by murburger01)

So there you go ^_^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tweet !

Snagged a TWest treasury at the last minute (literally !) lol So this is kind of a panic treasury !

But it has pretty birdies in it ^_^

TWEET treasury

Featured Artists
thebigblackcloud - Tangle Theory, Small Print
Joannarutter - Tiny Chick Drop Earrings
EarthArt - Original Sculpted Painting - Birds on a Wire
citizenfox - Birds on a Branch Necklace - Free Shipping
kutz - Applique Tree on felt with a little bird
squishyfish - Chunky Sweater Recycled Owl
barkingbirdart - Bird Spinning Vinyl (Limited Edition Print)
ara133photography - Cardinal in the Snow - 4x4 Fine Art Photography Print, Lustre
deejann - Little Bird Tags on Kraft Paper - set of 10
LaVitaLola - Bird Silhouettes - luxury silk lined clutch handbag
skunkboycreatures - Owl with scarf Snowbuddy ornament
TheTinyFig - Pink Bird Hair Pins

tadpolecreations - Pretty Blue Bird Iron On Patch
ForTheLoveOf - Mint Chocolate Chirp
LeenTheGraphicsQueen - Owl on Fancy Branch Wall Art Decal
diba - Love Bird ... ear wires
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Website Overhaul

Woohoo !

I finally found the time to sit down and redesign my website !

And here it is !

Talli's Designs

Go take a look ! ^_^

Monday, November 03, 2008


Ok, so I couldn`t resist.

She`s so pretty ! lol

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

More New Hats !

I`ve been beavering away and theres even more new hats in my shop !

Take a look see HERE

Ain`t they Cute !? ^_^

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mercy !

New Treasury ^_^ Curated by me, this time with lots of vintage items

Mercy !

Listen to the Tune Here!

Featured Artists
EllaOsix - Nancy - messenger bag
thepuddingstorevint - 1960s Vintage Oval Tortoise Sunglasses
caelum - Retro Congrats handmade card and envelope
greygardensvintage - 60s Vintage CAROUSEL HORSE Linen Tea Towel
OIive - Coral and Orange Modern Pillow
stephaniebracciano - CUTE Cranberry Lacey Vintage 1970s Dress Size S
ragtrader - Boy and Girl Kissing Retro Necklace
leandogpottery - Shroom Pendant
cindytomczykart - 60s Girl on Vintage French Book Page p.195
hollybeans - Dinner with the blues
skirtchaser - WINTER SALE Blue MOD 60s Daisy dress with pleated skirt DARLING
tiltedtulipvintage - Blue Polka Dot Pansy Vintage Flower Pin

Alternate Artists
Therubyslipper - Vintage KROMEX AVOCADO GREEN MOD Flowers Metal CANISTER Set
divinedebrisvintage - Vintage Red and Pink Beaded Cluster Clip On Earrings
Glintbymich - Russian Gold Flower Cocktail Ring
mysweetiepiepie - Pair of VINTAGE Ceramic Blue Jay Bird Figurines, Brinn's Pittsburgh, Made in Japan

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My Pullip Arrived !


I feel like I`ve been waiting forever ! lol But Macy has finally arrived.

Already been hard at work making some hats for her ^_^

These 4 hats are only $10 each ! (And there's a free gift when you spend $15 or more) from my Etsy Shop !

Black & Grey have now been SOLD

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