Saturday, November 29, 2008


Angry tiger???
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This is how the internet makes me feel !!!

Specifically when it isn`t working, which it hasn`t been, for over a week !! And now I`ve been told to wait another 5 days while they investigate the problem that they should have investigated the fist time I rang them !
It`s like trying to get blood out of a stone !!

And then it got worse today, I`ve got an essay due in on Tuesday whiich for some reason I haven`t started yet and couldn`t do today because I have a cold, so I sat twiddling my thumbs for most of the day and writing up pattern (they will be available soon ^_^) then, just THEN as my favourite programme was about to start we had a POWER CUT GRRRRRRRRRR

I hate derby, I hate the UK and I hate the internet.
(btw I`m at my aunties on the PC, this isn`t the power of my mind typing lol)

Oh well, it`s got to get better at some point eh ? ^_^

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