Saturday, January 31, 2009

Modern Twist Flapper in Blue

Ok, I have been holding onto this button for months ! No project was ever good enough for it, I coulndn`t imagine it on anything that would show of it`s full beautifullness.

But now ! It adorns this modern twist flapper and I just completely love it !

Modern Twist Flapper - Blue (by tallybates)

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Think Regal Treasury

Well, because my last treasury snagging attempt was thwarted by babysitting I was really pleased to snag this one :D

Originally I was planning on doing an alternative valentines one but I just don`t think I can bear to look at any more hearts ! (I know, Im a scrooge)

So I decided on this Regal theme with rich purple and gold tones, they`re so pretty !!

31.01.09 Think Regal (by tallybates)

1 - Three sisters brown and gold berry edition.
2 - Happy is The Heart Needle Felted Flower Hair Clip
3 - Organic brass leaf earrings with oxidized black earwires
4 - Luxury Button Scarflette in Purple
5 - Golden branch earrings
6 - Plum Truffle
7 - Set of Lola Stacking Rings in 14k Yellow Gold
8 - purple felt flower barrette
9 - Because You're Special - earrings
10 - PLUM PASSION PURE MINERAL Eyeshadow Full Size VEGETARIAN 5 Grams VEGAN - New Release
11 - Take Me to Tahiti...Earrings
12 - Plum Tart

1 - Felted Geode Pincushion
2 - Champagne Kisses - 14k Gold and Champagne Diamonds
3 - Plum Punch Vintage Necklace-last one in this color
4 - The Lavendar tree

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some New Designs ^_^

Been a Busy Little Bee lately :D

I`ve been trying to get some new designs finished and written up and these are my trial pieces, all available HERE

Modern Twist Flapper Hat
Modern Twist Flapper (by tallybates)
A beautiful twist on a beanie and flapper hat to make a stylish comprimise of individuality and Elegance.

Neutral Waves Fingerless Gloves
Neutral Waves Fingerless Gloves (by tallybates)
Not neccessarily a new design but a new twist, I think these design could be taken in so many directions !

Unisex Stylish Scarf
Unisex Scarf in Blue and Grey (by tallybates)
Unisex Scarf in Blue and Grey, Simple and Beautifully Stylish !

Hopefully I will be able to keep this momentum up and get some more things into the shop ! ^_^

Friday, January 23, 2009

It`s Official, it really happened !!


ok, I`m sorry for the caps but I feel like doing a little jig around the room ! lol

Featured in Quick and Crafty! Magazine (by tallybates)

^^^^ Look !^^^^^

Thats ME ^_^ teehee.

Many Thanks to Quick and Crafty! Magazine for featuring me !

So come on people, rush out and buy it !

Talli x

Friday, January 16, 2009

Win a Signed 7"x5" Sweetpea Print !

I`ve finally taken the plunge and decided to run a giveaway ! It will end at midnight on 31st January and all you have to do for a chance to win a Signed Print of 'SweetPea' is visit my 2 stores

Talli's Designs (Handmade Accessories)
Talli's Treasures (Photography, Graphic Design and Jewellery)

and let me know what you favourite item is !

and you could win this !

Just pop this information into the entry form below and thats it !

(If the Entry Form isn`t showing up please click HERE to enter ^_^)

One entry per email, winner will be chosen at random.
Geographical location doesn`t matter ^_^

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Earrings Listed !

I`ve made jewellery for my family for quite a while now and never really thought of putting it on Etsy before, but, well, now I have !

Ta Da !! lol

Milky Purple Double Drop Czech Bell Flower Earrings (by tallybates)
Milky Purple Single Drop Czech Bell Flower Earrings (by tallybates)
Jet Black Double Drop Cluster Czech Bell Flower Earrings (by tallybates)
Milky Purple Double Drop Czech Bell Flower Earrings (by tallybates)
Jet Black Drop Czech Bell Flower Earrings (by tallybates)

All are only $8 !!! so why not pop over to my Tallistreasures Store and treast yourself ^_^

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Neckwarmers a Go-Go

Hello there ^_^

Frankly, I have a short attention span and have been getting a little bit bored of hats and fingerless gloves ! lol
So I`ve branched out and come up with these super cute neckwarmers (that I completly love !!)

Sweetness Bow Neckwarmer (by tallybates)
Sweetness Bow Neckwarmer (by tallybates)
Sweetness Bow Neckwarmer - Cream and Lilac (by tallybates)
Sweetness Bow Neckwarmer (by tallybates)

And just so you know, I`ve also made some mini versions into brooches, which will be in my STORE when I get some good light to photograph them ^_^

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thats alot of Treasuries !

I`ve decided to try and collate the treasuries I`ve been making (and the ones I`ve remembered to scrnprnt lol) into one post that can be updated ^_^

*Deep Breath* Here Goes !

Click on the Image to go to the corresponding post for information on the sellers ^_^
(Most recent at the top)

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