Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interior Design Team and my new Treasury !

I`ve been accepted and joined the Interior Design Team on Etsy (Design Style Guide) and they are all really lovely !

So I thought I`d share the love around a bit and create a treasury featuring Interior Design Artists, I have also indulged my new found love of TTV style photography !


The song is Perfect Day by Various Artists and it still gives me shivers everytime I hear it !

Please take the time to look at and comment on the treasury ! I`d really appreiciate it and I`m sure the other artists would too !


Jen! < Jeny Jose > said...


Fiber Focus said...

Wow! This is beautiful! I hadn't seen it before (and I love BBC!). Should we include it in your article? Maybe you should post it on the group, too. I know people would enjoy it.

Talli said...

Oooo, good plan batman ! ^_^

I`ll post it to the group now :D