Monday, July 21, 2008

Robot Series Prints

Phew !

I`ve been super busy this weekend ! But I`ve managed to pull together my Robot Series of drawings and get them coloured and onto Etsy. I`ve been wanting to do this series for ages now and I`m so happy its finally all come together !

These adorable little guys made me smile the whole time I was working on them :D

I`ve decided to offer them in as many sizes as possible on Etsy, I just hope lack of tags doesnt stop people finding them ! I `ve listed them as singles and as a whole series of 6 although I may do a 3 for 2 or mix and match type thing yet.

Here they are ^_^

Robot 1

Robot 2

Robot 3

Robot 4

Robot 5

Robot 6

Robot Series

Hope you like them !

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