Friday, July 18, 2008


It`s been a lovely day today :) Totally unproductive but none-the-less lovely.

My mum and dad are on holiday from work this week and being as I`m unemployed we all went for a day trip to a Glass Exhibition and a few Charity shops that I hadnt been to.


It was amazing ! It was like walking into a real life Aladdins cave of wonderful Vintage goodies ! (we went to Possesions in Spalding and an enourmous Sue Ryder Charity Shop that was a warehouse ! someone in Lincolnshire)

It`s almost 1 in the morning so I`m not taking photos now lol but I will ! oh yes :D

Heres my latest listing on Etsy, I wasn`t going to add it but I decided it can`t hurt, maybe theres someone else in the world with the same sense of humour as me ?!? lol
Alley TTV Print

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