Monday, July 14, 2008

Treasury DEBACLE !

Etsy managed to annoy a whole boat load of people today ! lol

We all sat there, avidly awaiting that magic little box to type in, overjoyed when it appeared and then....WTF !!?? Hundreds of treasuries disappeared ! Mine included (GRRR)

I did however, go back into the treasury and I think I was MAJOR lucky to snag ANOTHER one !

and here it is !

The Ting Tings Treasury !

1 - Personalized Sterling Silver Hand-Stamped Soaring Bird Necklace
2 - Itsy Bitsy Custom Initial Earrings
3 - Scrabble Charm Necklace
4 - Remember Me Pendant
5 - ID Pendant
6 - Custom Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Ring
7 - PMC Fine Silver Talisman Custom Charm Necklace
8 - MONOGRAM Custom Pendant
9 - charmed with names
10 - Hand Stamped Simplicity Custom Personalized Necklace
11 - Personalized Twin Stars on STERLING keychain
12 - You Are My Heart - Custom Sterling Stamped Hammered Necklace
1 - A Rose by Any Other Name Ring
2 - Daddy...or Mommy Ring - Wide Inscribed Band
3 - A Rose By Any Other Name Necklace
4 - Three Tag Sterling Name Plate Necklace with Ring

And here is a link to the Ting Tings video !
(this isnt the video attached to the treasury, embedding has been disabled on that one)

So why not take a look at it ? Its great :D

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MoppetsClosets said...

I always love your inspired treasuries! Thanks so much for including me!