Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I got bored, very bored at work. So I took some more piccies today.

Jane went on holiday to Spain and got back yesterday, I had jokingly said I love those straw donkeys, they apparently dont make many of them now but she bought me this instead !!

I called him Rico, dunno why lol. He so ickle and cute, he fits in the palm of my hand !

And also Ive included photos of my monitor decoration :) cus its cool lol, a little mean tho as you can see, Octo is used as a pin holder lol !

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cus Im bored

Just thought I`d post a couple of pictures of my office, cus im bored,

This is Herbie trapped on top of the clock, Simon is very very mean !
and this is the pictures on my wall, and my calendar. I fully intend on trying to fill this wall before I find a new job, just to see how many I can get on there before someone says something :D lol

A couple of shrugs

Just realised, I havent posted the shrug Im wearing in the hair falls post lol.

So here they are, the little pink one is a plain raglan shrug with a frilly bit round the edge, the purpley one is a crochet thingy :s lol

photos follow....

My first attempt at hair falls :s

Ok, Ive been wanting to try to make my own wool hair falls for ages and i finally got off my ass and did it. Theyre just made of plain acrylic WW yarn but I kinda like the effect. When I get a new job and some cash Im gonna get some decent yarn and make some proper ones :)

Anyway, photos follows....