Saturday, August 30, 2008

Purple Infusion

I`m on fire this week ! lol

Got another treasury with some GORGEOUS purple items !

Purple Infusion Treasury

Featured Artists
1 SeeJayneKnitYarns with Hand Painted Soft Washable Worsted -- Eggplant Explosion
2 Binageyer with Amethyst Cluster Earrings
3 loop with BEAUTYBERRIES- Bamboo/Alpaca/Corriedale/Kid Mohair Drum Carded Batts (3 oz.)
4 jenis1321 with Waiting on a Wire - Original Acrylic on Canvas
5 fringe with Twilight Capelet
6 ZebraLilly with Zig-Zag Flowers
7 Jenalynscreations with Grape Cluster Necklace
8 historicallydetash with 2 Yards Quilting Fabric
9 adri33 with Fizz Violet Bracelet
10 pinkytoast with Electric Purple Mouse-Robot Girl--Pinkytoast Pocket Mirror
11 emilyfrances with Eggplant - Kimono Booties
12 dharmarn with Magic - hand dyed superwash merino sock yarn

1 clevergirl with Industrial Lilacs. Necklace
2 Jume with Violet Heart ELITE COLLECTION
3 reclaim2fame with PURPLE POM POM PILLOW
4 Berniolie with Fuzzy purple capelet with a satin ribbon

So why not hop over to Etsy and take a look ^_^ comments and clicks always appreciated too !


Thyme2dream said...

oooo this is beautiful..I clicked and commented:)

Talli said...

Thank You ^_^

fringe said...

thank you so much, talli, for including Twilight in your beautiful treasury as well as your lovely blog! i truly appreciate it!


Talli said...

My pleasure fringe ! I`ve always admired your work ^_^