Friday, August 22, 2008

I`m a 'Guest Artist'

Oh yes I am :D

I`ve been discoved (rofl) by a lovely woman from Rayela Arts who invited me to be a guest artist on her blog Fiber Focus. Obviously I jumped at the chance !

She noticed my mohawk hats first,

And then some of my other crochet pieces. It`s so nice for someone to actually appreciate what I do (and to let me know ^_^)

So, thank you very much Rachel ! And if anyone would like to see the article (you know you want to !) please take a look at it on the Fiber Focus Blog And comments are always appreciated !!


PrettyGirl2u said...

Nice done. :)

Fiber Focus said...

Talli! Thanks for the nice post. I think your hats are great, so you better keep those fingers busy because the Cold and Christmas are coming and people are going to want to buy, buy, buy those hats!

It was great to have you and I hope you get involved over at our Fiber Focus group. Lots of good people there who will also love your work. Rachel