Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mohawk Hats

I`ve finally found the time to dip my toe back into crochet ! In between finding a job, WAY too many carboots and a ridiculous amount of jam making ! lol

And this is the result, my new collection of Mohawk Hats ! Admittedly theres only 2 of them so far, but trust me, theys WAY more to come !

Green Dino Spikey Mohawk Hat

Purple Tips Mohawk Hat

Each one in the collection is going to be completly OOAK, as I`m not following a pattern.

I`ve already started they next one :D and if it all goes to plan it should be black and red (woot)

All will be available from my Etsy Store or you can e-mail me at for custom orders ^_^

Hope you like em (and if u dont, tuff ! cus I do :P)


LuckyGirl said...

These are so funny and funky! You've made my day!

PurrPrints said...

ooo--I like the purple one. Great idea for a hat--it should fit in well on etsy too--goo dluck!

Marie said...

These sure are pretty funky mohawk hats, I haven't seen this sort of design before; it's very creative and sure stands out if you were wearing one of these on your head.

Asuka said...

Woo hoo funky hats...i gotta digg it!

thebeadedlily said...

Love the green one! I instantly thought of a dinosaur! I love dinosaurs.