Friday, June 13, 2008

New Treasury !

Well, I decided to stay up past midnight *yawn* and grab myself a new treasury slot ^_^ This ones theme is green bunnies *yay* because I love green and I love bunnies ! lol
Ive got a few more tresury ideas noted down so hopefully I`ll grab some slots and get them on as well. (I love treasuries !)

Bunneh Treasury

One Eye Jack - Original Painting WIND UP BUNNY Green Green bone bunny looks like rain headband stencil painting (sb299) Wild Zombie Rabbit Faux Fur Plushie Momma Size Angry Arse Bunny Green Bunny, Orange World 5x7 Print Long Bunny Plush Gas Mask Bunny - Screen Print Itty Bitty Bunnies Olive Green Bunny

I think my favourite has to be this one for a WIND UP BUNNY Green How about you ?

Let me know what you think, and leave me a comment ! xx

Loves Ya

Talli xx

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