Monday, June 30, 2008

Got over it

I`ve finally made some melted record bowls !

It`s taken me a long time to make these as I have an irrational fear of anything hot, especially ovens ! I struggle cooking with it never mind melting plastic in it. I must have looked like a murder scene investigator with all my protective clothing when I was getting them out of there ! lol

But, I`m very proud of them :D
I`m going to make some smaller ones using 7"s, well, once I've bought them...I think a trip to the car-boot may be in order ! :D


Erin said...

Those are awesome!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

These are great but it's also sad to see records go.

Talli said...

curly, Im only going to melt ones that are too stratched to play anyway :)

I`ll flog the ones that are decent ! lol

Reena said...

Tats cool !! U are so creative...I want to try it one day...hehe

Grumpy Cow said...

well these are just awesome!
I have quite a few records lying around here! What a cool idea :)