Sunday, June 22, 2008

What the what what !?

I was doing my usual entrecard whip round, I actually read the blogs I drop on !

I was reading this one blog, from a woman in America who is a Christian and has 6 children, fine, I was hoping for some amusing stories about renting buses to go on holiday but no. The post that caught my eye was about one of her sons, she was obviously worried as he was listening to 'that' music, disturbed.

'That' music ?

She was quite happy for him to listen to christian rock music but felt that distured (which she admitted his friends and peers listened to)wasnt right for him. She was worried that having it on at night meant it was 'filtering into his brain' !?!?

What are these people on !? I`m all for live and let live and all that, whatever relgion you are thats fine, but why do they feel the need to enforce religion on thier children ? I know it will never change but it seems ludicrous to me, maybe its because my parents fought not to have me christened. They thought I might like to make my own choices as to what religion i wish to follow (which was nice of them).
But often people dont get these choices, its all just pushed upon them without any explanation.

Anyway, back to the music thing, it really wound me up ! I bet shes one of the people that blamed Marilyn Manson for Columbine ! Idiots...

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