Monday, June 16, 2008

New Shop Opened !

Well, I`m not sure what came over me, but I`ve opened a new shop !? Admittedly it has nothing in it currently but thats mainly because it too dark to take photos ! Or tryust me it would, lol.

Im going on a vintage crusade ! I realised after browsing the vintage section on Etsy that I really do adore vintage, jewellery, clothes(although they never fit me!) bags, scarves(of which I have millions !) everything ! and I cant understand why people shop in the high street when there is this wonderful treasure trove of beautys just waiting to be plucked !

Blogger wont let me upload images at the moment but heres the linky to my store. Banner and avatar are edited from my original picture of Mont Sant Micheal in France that I photographed from a moving bus with a TERRIBLE camera when I was about 13 !

Talli`s Treasures

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