Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graphic Design Sales !

Why didnt I think of this before ? Ok, so it`s only 3 sales...but I`ve only just opened the shop ! and that cant be bad !!
I`ve done a complete custom order for Etsy Patrons, An edit for Sweet InnoScents and L Designs was my first pre-made sale. Im so proud ! lol

I love them.

I know I`m bearly making 2 quid each on them but hey, its better than a smack in the face no ? When I get popular and big I`ll hyke my prices up rofl *joke*


Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Congratulations on the sales!! It may be small but it will grow and what a great feeling to sell something!! Your stuff is great, you'll do well!

beachyrustica said...

Etsy Patrons was thrilled to be your first sale, and even more excited that you've had several more! We've posted about our wonderful banner in the etsy forum and blogged about it on our blog, which features a full sized version:

It's so great to see that you're well on your way! Thanks again!

Talli said...

Etsy Patrons were lovely to work with ! I`m so proud my banner is up there for everyone to see :D