Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just found this about me on previously mentioned persons blog

"I think you should persue this. This person is definitely copying you. I don't think there is any question. And, I see some other people's original designs being copied by her too. Some people..dispicable."


How dare they just ASSUME I`m copying people !? It makes me so mad ! All of designs are original, I`ve already said my spirally beanies are like hers but nothing else is. So why are all MY designs now being brought into question.

I`m wondering whether this is really worth it, if I can`t sell my own product in peace without being hounded by people saying I`m copying others work when I am quite capable of creating these designs off my own back WHAT THE HECK IS THE POINT.

Seriously though, I feel distraught over this, It wouldnt be so bad if I was copying her !, shut up shop and start somewhere else, no-one any the wiser. But I was really enjoying my time on Etsy, and the feedback. I feel really deflated now.


Anonymous said...

This must really hurt, I'm sure tha you didn't set out to rip anyone off! But I do think you should take the pricing issue seriously. I sell handmade hats through a co-operative and there are very strict rules about how we must never undercut retail prices. Now, I agree, it is great to find an unusual, attractive hat for a bragain rpice but what about all the work you put in? Just 'cos you has fun doesn't mean thta you shuoldn't be earning sensible money. Hand crafting takes time and skill. You DESERVE more than you're asking.

Talli said...

I take it you`ve read posts on 'those that shall remain un-named's blog lol.

Alot of people have mentioned my prices, I`m not trying to undercut anyone. All this and I`ve never even sold one of those hats ! I charge what I would be able to afford and I think my prices are well balanced most of the time. It seems ridiculous to me that people are telling me to raise prices when usually its the opposite !
Maybe I just dont get the Etsy mentality... I mean, I havent been there that long.
There are so many sellers on Etsy, I can`t see how my prices make a difference anyway.
I`m happy with my prices but I`ll look into it and canvas some opinion, then see how I feel.