Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rainbow Treasury !

Yay ! This is the treasury I`ve been wanting to do for a while now and always seem to miss when it comes down to picking some items. My Rainbow Treasury ! I`ve also used a backing tune from YouTube,
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Somewhere over the Rainbow Punk Ska Cover

(Love that Song !)

1:Rainbow Purse - Vintage
2:Hair Clip Sweet Cute Felt Skull
3:Glisten - Pocket Mirror Fairy Fantasy
4:Super-Geek - Resin Sprinkles Necklace
5:80s vintage set of two rainbow mugs
6:Spectrum rainbow fairy art 8x10 Print
7:Glitter Rainbow Sprinkle Heart resin necklace
8:Hearts and more Hearts Reversible Hairband
9:Shooting Rainbow Necklace
10:80s rainbow belt
11:womens rainbow bicycle t
12:32 RAINBOW COLORED DAy oF thE DeAd Skulls Beads

I`ve added some items from the vintage section this time as they're just lovely ! Cant understand why Etsy is trying to hide them really !?

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