Thursday, June 19, 2008


Im feeling super depressed now ! It`s beginning to look like I`m going to have to stop selling my spirally beanies. Apparently they look like someone elses. I`m assuming they believe I`ve copied them. What really bugs me is I thought these were such a brilliant original idea ! It seems ridiculous that more that one of us thought it up. But hey, shes got the upper ground, everything on websites, written down with creative commons on ! I may as well give up now !
It`s infuriating really, you can come up with something yourself but unless you write it down anyone can stop you saying its was yours in the first place ! But I suppose I should have know that really before I started selling on Etsy.
I was also really quite annoyed when she started insulting my prices, my prices are what I want to charge for my ORIGINAL designs, she charges more, thats fine, but leave mine alone. I`m getting really fed up of people telling me to charge more anyway ! I want to charge affordable prices that I would pay, whats wrong with that >??

Anyway, now I`ve just got to sit here and stew until she emails me back ! If I didnt contact her -I look guilty, If I shout and stomp about - I look guilty, grr, so I have to let her make the decisions. (I hate that)

The other thing is that her designs are amazing ! so I`m finding it really difficult it be irritated with her on artistic merit ! lol Can`t believe I never saw her before. TYPICAL !

Ok, rant over :D I`m sure I`ll regret this at some point knowing my luck ! lol When the police come a'knockin on me door ROFL !

Loves Ya
Talli x

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