Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally some crafting !

Ok, so even I have to admit I`ve been craft deficient this last week or so. It`s coming to up to my 4 month anniversary of being unemployed and I just havent been feeling the love ;(

But....I`ve been meaning to make some t-shirt yarn for a while and I finally got around to hacking up my old t-shirts from when I was a UK size 22 ! So plenty of material ! lol It was quite theraputic really :)

Anyhoo, I decided they`d work really well as brooches (plus I`d get about 8 out of each t-shirt) so thats what I did. I tried chopping the yarn different ways and it came out totally different on the 2 t's. Which is nice :)

Hopefully I`ll get them listed on ETSY soon, got a million and 5 things to do first tho ;( Who said unemployed people are lazy !? I`m more knackered now than I was when I was working !


Lucky Girl said...

Those are so pretty--they're really made from old shirts? How totally awesome!

Talli said...

They are indeed, and they take an AGE to cut up ! lol