Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love Sakura

Ok, Im officially on a cherry blossom binge !

So far I`ve made 2 necklaces, and I`m half way through my third !

They are just so....pretty !

Problem is take AGES to make, I`m making them with DK acrylic and a 2mm needle *groan* ! But they come out feeling nice and study and gorgeous ^_^ yay

Im going to have to make one for myself though, dont think I can bear to sell them all.

Piccies ^_^
Hot Pink Sakura Necklace

Hot Pink Sakura Necklace

Pale Pink Sakura Necklace

Pale Pink Sakura Necklace

I`ve also just ordered 50 brooch pin-backs so hopefully if I pull my finger out I should have some brooches up for sale soon as well ! Heres hoping someone wants to buy something !

It`s just so difficult being a broke crocheter in summer ! Not enough money to buy any cotton so Im having to work with acrylic all the time *grrr* luckily Ive got an ENOURMOUS stash of vintage buttons ^_^ so I think they`ll be coming in useful. I think jewellery is the way to go until it starts getting a bit cooler and winter stuff is needed again...I might just make one or two hats though, to stave off the insanity !

Talli xx

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