Sunday, June 22, 2008

I digress

Well, after recent events I`ve been fairly demotivated to put anything in my Etsy stores and they`ve just sat there really. So I decided to stop being so miserable.
I havent got enough time to be miserable!

Then it dawned on me, apart from crocheting myself a new hat hanger I haven made anything just or myself in ages.

So as it`s summer, and obviously British summer means cold most of the time I decided on a cardigan. Pick up a needle which happened to be 2mm (arg) threw my hand into my 'skinny and will never use' yarn bag and began.

This is what resulted after yesterday`s afternoon of trial and error and alot of ripping, finished this sleeve watching late night bingo ! lol

The sleeves are going to be short, cus it`s summer but mainly because I only have one ball or yarn ^_^

Also, It started out as a fairly simple pattern and it quickly turning out to be one of the most complicated ! My notes look like a four year old wrote them ! rofl

Anyway, I`ll update when I get a bit further on :D

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