Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thats alot of Treasuries !

I`ve decided to try and collate the treasuries I`ve been making (and the ones I`ve remembered to scrnprnt lol) into one post that can be updated ^_^

*Deep Breath* Here Goes !

Click on the Image to go to the corresponding post for information on the sellers ^_^
(Most recent at the top)

25.04.09 Sometimes... (by tallybates)
28.02.09 Orange (by tallybates)31.01.09 Think Regal (by tallybates)24.01.09 Violet Dreams (by tallybates)18.01.09 Lifes a Peach (by tallybates)12.01.09 Cafe Rose (by tallybates)09.01.09 In My Dreams (by tallybates)05.01.09 Yummy ! (by tallybates)Treasury 31 Dec Hope for the Best (by tallybates)Treasury 28 Dec Undiscovered Beauties (by tallybates)Treasury 22 Dec Somewhere Over the Rainbow (by tallybates)Treasury 20 Nov Maneater (by tallybates)Treasury 20 Nov Forget the World (by tallybates)Treasury 13 Nov Smaller and smaller and smaller (by tallybates)Treasury 09 Nov Sakura (by tallybates)Treasury 6 Nov Tweet (by tallybates)Treasury 01 Nov Mercy ! (by tallybates)Treasury 27 October Romance (by tallybates)Treasury 26 October Chocuoise (by tallybates)Treasury 22 October Dijon (by tallybates)Treasury 15 Oct Stick Ya Neck Out (by tallybates)Treasury 14 Sept POP my Cherry (by tallybates)Treasury 09 Sept OMG (by tallybates)Treasury 04 Sept Frantic Lunacy (by tallybates)Treasury 04 Sept Its Addictive (by tallybates)Subdued Neutrality - Treasury 01 Sept  (by tallybates)Treasury 30 August Purple Infusion (by tallybates)Treasury 29 August CoffBerry (by tallybates)Treasury 19 July (by tallybates)Treasury 14 July (by tallybates)Treasury 13 July (by tallybates)Treasury West 07 July Start Wearing Purple (by tallybates)Treasury 04 July (by tallybates)Treasury 30 June (by tallybates)Treasury 25 June (by tallybates)Treasury 22 June (by tallybates)Treasury 17 June (by tallybates)Treasury 14 June (by tallybates)Treasury 13 June (by tallybates)Treasury Cappuccino Dreams (by tallybates)


Anonymous said...

awesome treasury picks!

my little Aura said...

Wow so many!!!
and great taste!... like all of them
(but love the over the rainbow...)

Sayo said...

my goodness that's a lot of treasuries! nice work!

Who's B? said...

Damn, that is a lot of treasuries. I do not have the patience to wait around and score one. I have done three in the last two years I have been shopping Etsy. Yours are always fantastic, good eye.