Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some New Designs ^_^

Been a Busy Little Bee lately :D

I`ve been trying to get some new designs finished and written up and these are my trial pieces, all available HERE

Modern Twist Flapper Hat
Modern Twist Flapper (by tallybates)
A beautiful twist on a beanie and flapper hat to make a stylish comprimise of individuality and Elegance.

Neutral Waves Fingerless Gloves
Neutral Waves Fingerless Gloves (by tallybates)
Not neccessarily a new design but a new twist, I think these design could be taken in so many directions !

Unisex Stylish Scarf
Unisex Scarf in Blue and Grey (by tallybates)
Unisex Scarf in Blue and Grey, Simple and Beautifully Stylish !

Hopefully I will be able to keep this momentum up and get some more things into the shop ! ^_^


Laane said...

What a lovely items.

Hats are very "in" this year. I see plenty of girls wearing them.

Beth said...

Nice! I like how you drew up the side a bit with the button.

Windmill said...

Hi Talli,

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