Friday, September 26, 2008

Etsy Traders List

Ok, this is a little neurotic, but it bothers me that I have to keep going to the forums to find the most up to date traders list.

So I`m making my own ! (This list is taken from a forum post on Etsy)

If anyone would like to be removed from/added to the list please leave me a note in the comments.

I`ll try to keep this as up to date as possible !


PHOTOGRAPHY - also has paper goods – and notecards and art - and digital art/graphic design

SUPPLIES - fabric, beads, sewing patterns, zippers, paper, etc - beads, brass, paper, magnets, sewing supplies, premade banners Gorgeous Yarns !

JEWELRY/BEADS - Chainmaille - cute polymer clay jewelry! - Stained glass jewelry beaded jewelry – and hats – and cards - stained & fused glass, lampwork beads and handbags buttons bottlecap collage, wrapped rings, trinket boxes, earrings, FUN! SWAROVSKI crystal jewelry and pop can beads - Lampwork jewelry & bookmarks - jewellery, art, paper products, home accessories - jewelery, art, photography, and knits - handmade fabric covered button earrings, brooches and hairslides -Artistic Calligraphy, Aesthetic Jewelry & Bags - healing gemstone jewelry - baby, kid, mama and dad friendly -

CLOTHES --- cards, ect. - hats, gloves, brooches etc

BAGS: - bags and purses

HOME, fabrics—A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING! – Canvas totes, cards, wall art, a little bit of this and that! knitted accessories and jewelry, journals, pincushions, etc. fabrics -- quirky random stuff - Crochet and Paper Goods - stained & fused glass, lampwork beads - fabric, patterns, baby - inspired by nature & the elements bottle cap magnets, pincushions, hats and scarves - jewelry, art, Judaica & great gift ideas! - kids room decor & accessories – supplies, jewelry, kids items - embroidered luggage handle wraps ---crocheted, knitted and other items yarn - cloths, scarves, origami boxes, other cute crochet and paper items Pillow, home items and more! - Crochet Work - Needle Tatting

EScentualCreations - organic skin care - soaps


For the KIDS/BABY! - also for pets & childish adults - ages Birth to TEEN

BANNERS & PROMOs FREE avatar with banner. I always put avatars with my banners FREE avatar with banners.

PAPER baby gear, T-shirts, banners, banners and avatars -- pendants



CraftedFromTheHeart @ Etsy said...

Great List and Thank You for including my shop.

Staci Rose said...

You can always check out:

Lucky Girl said...

Oh, gosh, I never think of trades. Thanks--now you've given me something new to do.

Jen said...

That is quite the list! Lots of work!

=10oneworld on etsy

Brenda Campbell said...

You should include the store Double Dipped Sweets, it is located at; no it is not my store but a store worthy of listing, she has some really good things in there. I like your site for finding all things handmade. Nice job, I will keep this site in mind when looking for things like this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Talli. Thanks =)

S T E P P I E said...

This is a massive list!

Is it for all the shops that are open to trades? I wasn't sure.


Talli said...

Steppie, yes, this is the list that was collected in the forums for all those who are willing to trade ^_^

Talli x

arau1 said...

Hello, Nice list. I am willing to give it a try. If you would like to add me to the list. My etsy store is Country Cottage Crafts.


Krishell said...

I'd love to be included on your list!
I just did my first trade a couple months ago. Thanks for posting this list.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for taking the time to list this! I know I love to trade and have had so much fun doing so.

Tatting For Spirit said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for putting this wonderful list together. You have saved me countless hours of searching. Could I please have my shop added to your list. I am a needle tatter and I also incorporate crystals into my designs. Here's my shop address

Joy said...

I'm not sure which category I'd fall under, but I'm open to trades. My shop is - I made yarn, by Joyuna. Just like the name says, I make yarn. ;) I also dye yarn and knit small items such as toys and lavender sachets. I looove handmade jewelry and soap and of course I love yarn... Handmade gifts are the best so if I like your stuff I'm more than happy to arrange a trade.