Monday, April 16, 2007

Ok, speedy return and my second post. I had a quick scan round my room to see what I could take photos of lol and found my carboot stash from this weekend. Im determined to convince people that carboots and charity shops are a great way to find affordable quality clothing. Well, in my case the only way I can actually afford to buy clothes as Im seriuosly skint.

BTW, all these were washed before I put them on, im not that much of a tramp lol

Ok, first one is my gorgeous ! new pink nightie, this only cost me 50p as someone had stood on it at the carboot with muddy feet and marked it ( oo, if it rains always ask for money off for water damage lol) The mark came out straight away hehe

Second one is a really pretty brown cami with sequins, I think Im gonna wear this one alot, this one was £1 from the same stall.

Aaaaannd heres a close up of the detail.

Im also currently crocheting a top which is part finished, I reckon its gonna look really good !

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