Friday, May 23, 2008

Etsy Hats

1. Heart Earflap HatEtsy Listing
2. Crochet cables visor beanieEtsy Listing
3. Pink cabled slouchyEtsy Listing
4. Natural tones cabled slouchyEtsy Listing


Etsy Listings

1. Red and Black Headband
2. Red and Black Headband
3. Red Headband
4. Yellow Headband
5. Red
6. Pale Green Headband
7. Green & White Headband
8. Yellow & Mustard Headband
9. Green & White
10. Green & White Headband
11. Green & White Headband
12. Yellow & Gold Headband

Heart Earflap Hat

Etsy Listing

1. Heart Earflap Hat

2. Heart Earflap Hat

3. Heart Earflap Hat

4. Heart Earflap Hat

Nearly June !

Ok, ahem, its been a while....again. One day I will learn to keep track of all the stuff Im supposed to be keeping updated. Anyway, Ive finally become a seller on Etsy (although no-one has bought anything yet) So I thought this would be an appropriate time to begin blogging again. Im going to be adding the items as and when I get them.

Loves Ya xx