Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turquoise and Chocolate Circles Earflap Hat Listed !

I`m so tempted to keep this hat for myself ! It just looks so yummy ^_^
Also, this turquoise acrylic yarn is SO soft I just want to snuggle it lol

Turquoise and Chocolate Circles Earflap Hat

Visit my Shop and take a look !
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Friday, October 24, 2008

WE: What are you letting run your life?

The Cat from Hell
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WE: What are you coming into?

reality tag
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Pixie Hats !

Woohoo ^_^ i love pixie hats ! So I made one ^_^

I think I bring out a range of them, when I manage to find the time !

Ain`t it cute !?
The Pixie, Crocheted Earflap Hat, Fleuro Pink

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dijon Treasury

Well, I`ve been treasury hunting again and I managed to grab one !


Featured Artists
1 sparklecouture - Rare Saffron chalcedony briolette necklace
2 sugarloop - Leaftail Birds in Mustard Signed Open Edition Giclee Original Art Print (A4 Paper Size)
3 soleilgirl - Mustard Yellow Voluminous Flower felt brooch
4 groundwork - Quietly -limited edition print
5 florigander - eco purse - repurposed tweed and fern fabrics
6 phydeaux - Dijon Scarf
7 rikrak - the eco scarflette.... sustainable repurposed vintage fabric scarf.... limited edition....the saturday brunch neckwarmer in mustard yellow
8 LCconcepts - Original Mustard Tree Art Block 5.5x5.5 Ready to Hang
9 PaperFlowers - Fern Paperweight
10 raquelmasri - Honey Porcelain Tiles
11 MadisonCraft - Petite Bird Pocket Mirror - Blue on Mustard
12 dustfurniture - SALE clock SUNNY GOLDEN YELLOW

1 JillPopowichDesigns - Phazes-necklace
2 aandvdesigns - LARGE Slouch Bag - Shapes -The Perfect Multipurpose Bag-
3 RachaelCCosta - Mustard and Sand Mug
4 RocketScienceShop - Titan Earrings

Enjoy !
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New Hat Listed !

Because I`ve been off work today and trying to avoid my essay I managed to finish and list a hat ! ^_^

Here it is :D
Pinks and Purples Striped Earflap Hat

Flickr Finds, Etsy Yarn

This is to show what I`ve been drooling over while I`ve been off work poorly, look how gorgeous they all are ! Ek, I wish I could afford them !

1. Sassenach Yarns, 2. Changeling Yarn, 3. Handspun wool yarn, 4. COLORBOMB 'Petal Pushers' LoopyDoopy™ yarn, 5. Fiesta yarn mound, 6. new yarn in my etsy shop!, 7. Sky Yarn, 8. Yarn for Littlepies, 9. Cosby- handspun yarn, 10. beechill road sunset yarn..., 11. Bumpy - Handspun Merino Yarn, 12. "Frog Hair" Sock Yarn, 13. Hand Painted on Trekking Superwash Sock Yarn - Cafe au Lait, 14. Jubilation Sock Yarn, 15. Boysenberry Jam Fan Yarn, 16. Amazing Chain Yarn

Friday, October 17, 2008

WE: Catch Up

Because I`ve been faffing around for a couple of weeks I`ve missed the Weekend Exposure from So I`m catching up with the ones I`ve missed.

WE: What is your achilles heel?
Sunday Driver (by Automatt)
Parking !

WE: How do you lift people up?
Untitled (by nikaa)
By the Hands


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stick ya Neck Out !

Managed to catch myself a treasury ^_^ and I chose to feature Giraffes, because I`ve fallen in love with a t-shirt in the Punkyfish shop in town with giraffes on but they`re largest size is too small for me ;(

Stick ya Neck Out !

Stick ya Neck Out !

Featured Artists:
BeanPickleSprout - Giraffe in the Waves Bib
esoule - Giraffe, 6x6 print
SickOnSin - Giraffe Pocket Mirror
tulipstokiss - ATE SERIES giraffe acacia leaves FOOD CHAIN PENDANT
strawberriesandcream - MAGHMUS THE GIRAFFE
ItsAllAboutThePrint - Scrabble Tile Art Pendant - ORANGE GIRAFFE
thebeadboxwebsite - Cutie Mini Giraffe Beads Pair of 2
squirrelbunny - Quiet Giraffe Pendant with Chain by Squirrelbunny
berkleyillustration - Giraffe print 5x7
creativethursday - Sam
pinkpapalote - Letterpress Giraffe and leaves
lizart29 - Giraffe Pin

Please visit and support these great artists !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Launching 'The Urchin'

Oh Yes, yet ANOTHER new hat design ^_^

This time though I`m determined it won`t be a one off ! Theres 2 in my shop already and a 3rd mid-process.

Ok, piccies,

I adore these hats ! They are super snuggly too (as well as looking like creatures from the deep ^_^) So what more could you want !? lol

Urchin Hat, Purple
Urchin Hat, Neutral

The Shop

Drop by and take a look, more being added all the time ^_^

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag, Tag, Tag

I was Tagged by thebeadedlily

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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
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4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

The Facts:
1) I`ve visited more places than it lets you enter on Facebooks 'where have you been'

2) I have over 13 piercings (and 2 tattoos)

3) I`m doing a degree in whatever I fancy, for free, and they gave me a computer !

4) I shout at people when I`m driving, ALOT. Especially when they dont indicate !

5) I have a budgie called syndrome and he`s daft ^_^

6) I love 40s/50s pin-up girls

7) I get up at 5am most sundays to go to car boot sales ! (I have to get up at 6am in the week for work bleh)

Two names you go by:
1. Natalie
2. Talli

Two things you’re wearing now:
1. Black Leather Watch
2. Jeans that I LIVE in
Two things you would want [or have] in a relationship:
1. Laughter
2. Trust

Two favorite things to do?
1. Crochet
2. Sing along to music in my car

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Cash !
2. A better camera

Two things you did yesterday:
1. Lay in bed ill
2. Sniffled

Two things I ate yesterday:
1. Potato Waffle
2. Chicken Fingers

Two people you last talked to:
1. Mum
2. Claire at work

Two things you’re doing tommorow:
1. Going to Work
2. Attempting to start my coursework
Two favorite beverages:
1. Coffee !
2. Chocolate Milkshake

Two people no longer alive that you’d like to talk to:
1. Grandad G
2. Glad
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Sweet Figments
irene designs
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Top of her Glass
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I`m Back !

Phew, Feels like I`ve only just left !

The furthest I`ve ever driven before was probably about 30 miles and I`ve driven over 400 this week (200 there and 200 back) I`m so TIRED -_- !

Anyhoo, I`m show you some piccies of my lovely holiday ^_^

Our lovely House

I`m Smiling ! What the heck ! lol

And just because it made me smile, a wonky house in Canterbury ^_^

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Balloon Man
Originally uploaded by magnusmagnus
Only 2 more sleeps until I`m on holiday !

Amnd I CANT wait ! This week is just getting worse and worse ! bleh