Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 Months....its been a while

Ok, quick blast of information. Since December I have lost my job (FEB) still not got a new one !! so have been doing nothing but knitting and taking photos. Woot ^_^

Of which, I will include a few :)

A very pretty Sheep at Calke Abbey 24/04/08
Sheepy Sheep

Another picture of calke abbey, derbyshire. This photo was taken in brilliant sunshine.

Weird Effect

One of my most favourite pictures ! I just adore it

Head for the Sun

And finally this is Syndrome, my budgie, right now he`s about 5 months old and acts like a teenager ! Hes very Grumpy but does like to sing along to my music and if I leave the room (to go to the loo) he gets very upset if I dont whistle to him (awwww)

This is maaaaaa cage !

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