Monday, February 02, 2009

It`s Snowed ! It`s finally snowed ^_^

Woot-diddly-oot !

I love snow ! :D

(Although I`m not relishing the thought of standing at the bus-stop tomorrow morning...)

Ah well !

The Street
Picture 090 (by tallybates)

A Strange Object in the Garden
Picture 073 (by tallybates)

Picture 093 (by tallybates)

And this would be me, in my dressing gown, and SLIPPERS ! I was impatient :D
Impatience leads to wet feet (by tallybates)


Black Rose said...

Nice photos - brrrrr very brave of you to be outside in your dressing gown :) No buses in London today because of the snow!ant

Nadege said...

Love the snow, you look cool too.