Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whats been going on with me...

Errr, loads !

I think last time I blogged about anything other than Etsy it was to say I`d just come out of hosiptal, well, I`m glad to say Im much better now, they decided not to operate (which I was pleased about).

I think I vaguely mentioned that my boyfriend was moving 200 miles to live with me, well he did and he`s still here (it`s a good sign ! lol)

His name is David, and he is a TYPICAL southern boy (he`s from Kent), he is constantly moaning that it`s cold up here (we're in the midlands) and that everything we say is weird. But I love him :P , well most of the time anyway ;)

Heres a picture of him at Calke Abbey by the water, you`ll have to excuse the strange grin on his face, I`d just said something rude and he was giving me his 'Oh Really !?' face !

So yeah, we're living together, saving up for deposit to move out :) which is going to take FOREVER meh, but hopefully sometime next year I`ll be forgetting to blog from a different house :)

I`m now doing a Psychology course for my degree which is proving to be quite intense, david is also doing a course (which I`m very chuffed about as he can feel the pain too :P)

Other than that I`ve just been trying to get more patterns written and published, I`m thinking about possibly making them into a book or something but thats a bit of a pipe-dream at the minute.

Anyhoo, hopefully I`ll remember to come and blog again soon !


Talli x

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