Monday, June 30, 2008

Got over it

I`ve finally made some melted record bowls !

It`s taken me a long time to make these as I have an irrational fear of anything hot, especially ovens ! I struggle cooking with it never mind melting plastic in it. I must have looked like a murder scene investigator with all my protective clothing when I was getting them out of there ! lol

But, I`m very proud of them :D
I`m going to make some smaller ones using 7"s, well, once I've bought them...I think a trip to the car-boot may be in order ! :D

Nooby Noob Noob

New Treasury ! Yay :D

Its amazing how excited I get about these, even though I hardly even get anyone viewing them. Ah well.

I`ve decided to try and showcase some new artists in this treasury and picked some favourites that I found using Pounce (I love pounce !)

Noobies D Treasury

1: Pale Horizons
2: Cotton Candy and Flowers
3: Abstract Copper Leaf
4: Resin Pendant - Nature's Series - The Fall
5: Silver Donkey Necklace with Loads of Personality
6: Wells-Next-Sea II
7: Lavender from Provence France (Unblended Aromatic Tea)
8: Mohair Bear by bearnakidlady
9: Shehrazad Earrings - sterling silver tassels
10: Original Vintage Luggage Labels
11: sun-kissed sand bracelet
12: Night Tree Brooch
1: Cube cubed dangling earrings - Olivine
2: Hideaway Nursing Cover and Burpies Trio Pack Combo
3: Stamp - Chill Out - Beach Chair and Umbrella

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally some crafting !

Ok, so even I have to admit I`ve been craft deficient this last week or so. It`s coming to up to my 4 month anniversary of being unemployed and I just havent been feeling the love ;(

But....I`ve been meaning to make some t-shirt yarn for a while and I finally got around to hacking up my old t-shirts from when I was a UK size 22 ! So plenty of material ! lol It was quite theraputic really :)

Anyhoo, I decided they`d work really well as brooches (plus I`d get about 8 out of each t-shirt) so thats what I did. I tried chopping the yarn different ways and it came out totally different on the 2 t's. Which is nice :)

Hopefully I`ll get them listed on ETSY soon, got a million and 5 things to do first tho ;( Who said unemployed people are lazy !? I`m more knackered now than I was when I was working !

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graphic Design Sales !

Why didnt I think of this before ? Ok, so it`s only 3 sales...but I`ve only just opened the shop ! and that cant be bad !!
I`ve done a complete custom order for Etsy Patrons, An edit for Sweet InnoScents and L Designs was my first pre-made sale. Im so proud ! lol

I love them.

I know I`m bearly making 2 quid each on them but hey, its better than a smack in the face no ? When I get popular and big I`ll hyke my prices up rofl *joke*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Flickr Favourite Today

Originally uploaded by zoomzoom2
I love this ! At some point I`m having a dandelion tattoo :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

At the Drive In - Treasury

Heres my newesy treasury ! Based on some of my favourited movies ^_^

1: Pink Audrey

2: Drive In - 5 x 7

3: The Corpse Bride Costume

4: Drive In Movies

5: James Bond Lamp

6: Movie Popcorn Earrings


8: Alfred Hitchcock Charm

9: Film reel Movie pendant

10: Blues Brothers

11: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


At The Drive In Treasury

My Favourite Flickr Photo of Today

New shoes
Originally uploaded by Spongebob18
I`ve decided I am yet again in LOVE with Rocketdog shoes. I adore almost every style they make, which is unusual for me as I`m normally really picky ! These are my favourite today tho...well...apart from mine....and the high heel ones....and the pink ones.....and the cherry ones...........

What the what what !?

I was doing my usual entrecard whip round, I actually read the blogs I drop on !

I was reading this one blog, from a woman in America who is a Christian and has 6 children, fine, I was hoping for some amusing stories about renting buses to go on holiday but no. The post that caught my eye was about one of her sons, she was obviously worried as he was listening to 'that' music, disturbed.

'That' music ?

She was quite happy for him to listen to christian rock music but felt that distured (which she admitted his friends and peers listened to)wasnt right for him. She was worried that having it on at night meant it was 'filtering into his brain' !?!?

What are these people on !? I`m all for live and let live and all that, whatever relgion you are thats fine, but why do they feel the need to enforce religion on thier children ? I know it will never change but it seems ludicrous to me, maybe its because my parents fought not to have me christened. They thought I might like to make my own choices as to what religion i wish to follow (which was nice of them).
But often people dont get these choices, its all just pushed upon them without any explanation.

Anyway, back to the music thing, it really wound me up ! I bet shes one of the people that blamed Marilyn Manson for Columbine ! Idiots...

I digress

Well, after recent events I`ve been fairly demotivated to put anything in my Etsy stores and they`ve just sat there really. So I decided to stop being so miserable.
I havent got enough time to be miserable!

Then it dawned on me, apart from crocheting myself a new hat hanger I haven made anything just or myself in ages.

So as it`s summer, and obviously British summer means cold most of the time I decided on a cardigan. Pick up a needle which happened to be 2mm (arg) threw my hand into my 'skinny and will never use' yarn bag and began.

This is what resulted after yesterday`s afternoon of trial and error and alot of ripping, finished this sleeve watching late night bingo ! lol

The sleeves are going to be short, cus it`s summer but mainly because I only have one ball or yarn ^_^

Also, It started out as a fairly simple pattern and it quickly turning out to be one of the most complicated ! My notes look like a four year old wrote them ! rofl

Anyway, I`ll update when I get a bit further on :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spirally Beanies are no more

Just a quick post. I`ve given up on the idea of trying to rescue my hats from the swirlling vortex of copyright issues they got sucked into.
The are dumped.

This whole thing has left such a bad taste in my mouth, maybe I should stay away from everything crochet for a while ? Concentrate on other ventures.

Second Store

Well, I`ve a complete about turn ! lol

Vintage shop is out the window before it even had anything in it ! meh

I`ve decided to sell banners with matching avatars, I`ve changed mine so much I may as well get paid for it ! lol

Banners for the Masses

I love vector styles but I think I may have to branch out a bit ! or I may be cutting down my market quite alot ! lol

Maybe I`ll have to open a third for my vintage stuff ??

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just found this about me on previously mentioned persons blog

"I think you should persue this. This person is definitely copying you. I don't think there is any question. And, I see some other people's original designs being copied by her too. Some people..dispicable."


How dare they just ASSUME I`m copying people !? It makes me so mad ! All of designs are original, I`ve already said my spirally beanies are like hers but nothing else is. So why are all MY designs now being brought into question.

I`m wondering whether this is really worth it, if I can`t sell my own product in peace without being hounded by people saying I`m copying others work when I am quite capable of creating these designs off my own back WHAT THE HECK IS THE POINT.

Seriously though, I feel distraught over this, It wouldnt be so bad if I was copying her !, shut up shop and start somewhere else, no-one any the wiser. But I was really enjoying my time on Etsy, and the feedback. I feel really deflated now.


Im feeling super depressed now ! It`s beginning to look like I`m going to have to stop selling my spirally beanies. Apparently they look like someone elses. I`m assuming they believe I`ve copied them. What really bugs me is I thought these were such a brilliant original idea ! It seems ridiculous that more that one of us thought it up. But hey, shes got the upper ground, everything on websites, written down with creative commons on ! I may as well give up now !
It`s infuriating really, you can come up with something yourself but unless you write it down anyone can stop you saying its was yours in the first place ! But I suppose I should have know that really before I started selling on Etsy.
I was also really quite annoyed when she started insulting my prices, my prices are what I want to charge for my ORIGINAL designs, she charges more, thats fine, but leave mine alone. I`m getting really fed up of people telling me to charge more anyway ! I want to charge affordable prices that I would pay, whats wrong with that >??

Anyway, now I`ve just got to sit here and stew until she emails me back ! If I didnt contact her -I look guilty, If I shout and stomp about - I look guilty, grr, so I have to let her make the decisions. (I hate that)

The other thing is that her designs are amazing ! so I`m finding it really difficult it be irritated with her on artistic merit ! lol Can`t believe I never saw her before. TYPICAL !

Ok, rant over :D I`m sure I`ll regret this at some point knowing my luck ! lol When the police come a'knockin on me door ROFL !

Loves Ya
Talli x

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Featured in 2 Treasuries Today !

Ive had the same hat, This one featured in 2 treasuries today !

Im so happy ! I love getting featured, it gives you that warm fuzzy glow inside ! lol

This isBlue and Purple Delights by Cutedesigns

This is Blurple by Kimiko

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flickr Group

I`ve decided to start a new Flickr Group called Etsy Treasuries, in which you can post screenshots of treasuries you have created or been featured in.
I love looking at old treasuries and I`m sure other people, even those from outside the Etsy community, would enjoy looking through this archive of treasuries.

Support Etsy !!

Talli x

Rainbow Treasury !

Yay ! This is the treasury I`ve been wanting to do for a while now and always seem to miss when it comes down to picking some items. My Rainbow Treasury ! I`ve also used a backing tune from YouTube,
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Somewhere over the Rainbow Punk Ska Cover

(Love that Song !)

1:Rainbow Purse - Vintage
2:Hair Clip Sweet Cute Felt Skull
3:Glisten - Pocket Mirror Fairy Fantasy
4:Super-Geek - Resin Sprinkles Necklace
5:80s vintage set of two rainbow mugs
6:Spectrum rainbow fairy art 8x10 Print
7:Glitter Rainbow Sprinkle Heart resin necklace
8:Hearts and more Hearts Reversible Hairband
9:Shooting Rainbow Necklace
10:80s rainbow belt
11:womens rainbow bicycle t
12:32 RAINBOW COLORED DAy oF thE DeAd Skulls Beads

I`ve added some items from the vintage section this time as they're just lovely ! Cant understand why Etsy is trying to hide them really !?

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Shop Opened !

Well, I`m not sure what came over me, but I`ve opened a new shop !? Admittedly it has nothing in it currently but thats mainly because it too dark to take photos ! Or tryust me it would, lol.

Im going on a vintage crusade ! I realised after browsing the vintage section on Etsy that I really do adore vintage, jewellery, clothes(although they never fit me!) bags, scarves(of which I have millions !) everything ! and I cant understand why people shop in the high street when there is this wonderful treasure trove of beautys just waiting to be plucked !

Blogger wont let me upload images at the moment but heres the linky to my store. Banner and avatar are edited from my original picture of Mont Sant Micheal in France that I photographed from a moving bus with a TERRIBLE camera when I was about 13 !

Talli`s Treasures

Brooches Baby !

Heres the brooches I`ve finished so far ! :D

1. Pinkeys Brooch, 2. Green Brooch, 3. Natural Spiral Brooch, 4. Fireside Brooch, 5. Pink & Burgundy Brooch, 6. Red & Black Brooch, 7. Burgundy Brooch, 8. Brown & Cream Brooch, 9. Lilac & White Brooch

I love them so much ! I`m going the have to start making a whole collection just for me lol.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok, before I officially start doing my favourite seller of the week I thought I would feature one of my special sellers, the ones you heart and pray you will one day be able to buy EVERYTHING in the store !!
EPS studios

This shop makes me happy :D Thier items look so fantastic and beautiful, in fact, they almost look real. And this is me lol, I WOULD wear them !

These two are my absolute favourites,

GABRIEL feather Angel Wings

and Pink and Purple Romantic PSYCHE

So, if your in the Etsy area, I suggest you take a look ! It`ll leave you speechless.

Loves Ya

Talli x

Skully Treasury ^_^

Heres my latest treasury ! managed to snaffle one of treasury west for myself :D Yay. Gave myself a little treat and indulged my Skully side.
All these items are SO cute ! I love them !!

This whole having no money lark is beginning to get on my nerves ! I really want to buy all of these !

Skully Treasury

***Red Princess Skull Hand Cast Resin Heart Necklace***Sweetheart Corset -Skull and Satin-***Rudolph Muerte 2***PIRATE BAAARRR - Pirate Flag Soap - BAY RUM Scent***Blythe white skull print on black short sleeve tee***White and black skull and crossbones shirt -- ANY SIZE***Skulls and Hearts***Deep Black and White SKULL and CROSSBONES Wide HEADBAND Hairwrap***What A Crooked Little Skull Necklace***Business Card Holder - Girly Skulls***Earrings Skulls***skull graphic mini-mousepad***

At some point I`m planning to do a favourite/featured artist of the week section because theres so many artist on Etsy and I`d like to pick out some of the less noticed but just as brilliant ones.

Loves Ya !

Talli xx

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Treasury !

Well, I decided to stay up past midnight *yawn* and grab myself a new treasury slot ^_^ This ones theme is green bunnies *yay* because I love green and I love bunnies ! lol
Ive got a few more tresury ideas noted down so hopefully I`ll grab some slots and get them on as well. (I love treasuries !)

Bunneh Treasury

One Eye Jack - Original Painting WIND UP BUNNY Green Green bone bunny looks like rain headband stencil painting (sb299) Wild Zombie Rabbit Faux Fur Plushie Momma Size Angry Arse Bunny Green Bunny, Orange World 5x7 Print Long Bunny Plush Gas Mask Bunny - Screen Print Itty Bitty Bunnies Olive Green Bunny

I think my favourite has to be this one for a WIND UP BUNNY Green How about you ?

Let me know what you think, and leave me a comment ! xx

Loves Ya

Talli xx

I missed my opportunity ! grr

Well, I officially missed it ! I was wearing one of my pieces today on a jaunt around the country and got asked where I bought it from, Gave the whole spiel about how I make them myself 'blah blah blah' and totally forgot to offer my card ! I HATE it when I do that ! bleh

Although I did try on a pair of GORGEOUS shops, on sale :D Which made me happy, and I got a Pucca bag for 50p ($1) Woot !

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brooch Buzz

Just a quick update on the brooch front, Ive made 8 already ! cant finish them off until the backs get delivered though.

I think its a good idea though, they dont take forever to make and they look so beautiful ! Plus it gives me something of my own to wear all the time which is always a good opportunity for business card procedures (hehe).

I`ll add some pictures on once the backs hae been delivered. ^_^

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love Sakura

Ok, Im officially on a cherry blossom binge !

So far I`ve made 2 necklaces, and I`m half way through my third !

They are just so....pretty !

Problem is take AGES to make, I`m making them with DK acrylic and a 2mm needle *groan* ! But they come out feeling nice and study and gorgeous ^_^ yay

Im going to have to make one for myself though, dont think I can bear to sell them all.

Piccies ^_^
Hot Pink Sakura Necklace

Hot Pink Sakura Necklace

Pale Pink Sakura Necklace

Pale Pink Sakura Necklace

I`ve also just ordered 50 brooch pin-backs so hopefully if I pull my finger out I should have some brooches up for sale soon as well ! Heres hoping someone wants to buy something !

It`s just so difficult being a broke crocheter in summer ! Not enough money to buy any cotton so Im having to work with acrylic all the time *grrr* luckily Ive got an ENOURMOUS stash of vintage buttons ^_^ so I think they`ll be coming in useful. I think jewellery is the way to go until it starts getting a bit cooler and winter stuff is needed again...I might just make one or two hats though, to stave off the insanity !

Talli xx

Monday, June 09, 2008

I got another Treasury :D

Its seems that because I`m in the UK it may be easier to get a treasury as when worked out, they often changeover at strange times for the US. Of the 2 treasuries Ive gone for, this is the second one I`ve successfully gotten :D But hey, dont get me wrong, Im certainly not complaining !

Linky Here

And heres a preview :D

Monday, June 02, 2008

Etsy Spiral Hats & Treasury :D

Thought I`d put a quick post one here about a new range of hats I`m testing out on Etsy.

I adore these hats ! They're such a attention grabber ! like me :D

Also, I got myself on an BNR treasury today, thought I`d try it out (Cant hurt can it !) Treasury But I think next time I think Im going to try and get on the never ending BNR :D